First of all, SORRY FOR BEING SO, SO LONG~ I’ve been dealing with major computer issues and it’s getting harder, and harder to blog without the entire system crashing  I’M SO SORRYYYYYY~~

Anyways! back to blog stuff~*
I haven’t had too much time to get down to a lot of serious gaming lately, despite me having multiple days off (curse life junk getting in the way) but I did manage to pick up my own copy of the Mass Effect trilogy so I’ve been picking away at that when the time allows. I’m currently playing a vanguard and my femshep is a total babe~~ I love her so much just look at her face:


On a more personal note, I’m going to be giving my ‘look’ a bit of an overhaul, my vibrant orange locks will be going to a more rick violet and I might go back for another trim because the last hair cut I got the hairdresser didn’t cut the back as short as I originally wanted so i need more of a trim than anything. Also I’ve started up a different twitch account that’s more ‘mature’ and for an adult audience, but alas streaming is still delayed due to this whole issue with my computer, etc etc tax refund you can’t come fast enough!

Well, I hope this post makes at least a bit of sense and hopefully you guys will be hearing from me again soon!


Hiyo! Soooo I totally failed at making a video for my new headset mostly because the box itself was horribly repackaged by yours truly (I HAD TO TRY THEM ON OK?) I essentially just stickered back together like some kind of ape, I know I’m a horrible person. Just close your eyes and visualize me grunting, sniffling and making inhuman sounds while ripping the entire box apart then being baffled by wires. Got it? Good.

I’ve heard mixed reviews regarding the Tritton Kunai, mostly just people complaining that the size was too small for their heads. HA! Lucky I am the size of a child and small ANYTHING for me is hard to come by [insert horribly inappropriate joke here]. ZING! They are super dupes comfy to me and also are super cute and PINK. I think they go nicely against the insane radioactive ginge’ that is my hair. So I like them so far, I’ll have to do a field test with them later to see if I like like them.

Moving along…

i bought a thing…
If you need me, I’ll be grinding until I pass out.


04/03/14 -  Hello Friends~!

Hello friends! My name is Angel and this here is my little blog where I will be posting updates about stuff I like and things I’m doing. One of my most favourite things to do is play video games! As of right now I am in the process of starting up consistent streaming via my twitch channel in which I will be broadcasting various gameplay of my current favourite titles. I hope you all will find my adventures somewhat entertaining and hopefully not boring, in which case I’m sorry, you can just leave because I think I’m funny as hell.

ANYWAYS~ I’m horrible at introductions and first posts so let’s all just ignore this post and not dwell on it too much, shall we?


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